Sunday, December 27, 2015

Smart Phone Movie

I captured this image while shooting a birthday party in Texas. The group of youngsters found the dance moves intriguing and in sync, pulled out their smart phones, and started recording.

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Photo Credit: Tosan Aduayi

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Banana Island Cultural Festival

Banana Island; tapped as one of the most expensive real estate developments in Africa hosted a cultural festival that revealed the diversity of its residence. Banana Island is located in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria. Here, I capture a few thrilling moments by a cultural group performance.

Photos by Tosan Aduayi in Lagos

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Encounter with Pastor Dave Duell (1937-2015)

I sat on the front row in the sanctuary of the ultra-modern Arise and Shine Intl. ministries during their 10th year anniversary service. The Bedford Texas location was sprawling with VIP guests and internationally acclaimed ministers of God including Pastor Dave Duell. The host Pastor of ASIM; Nosa Onaiwu introduced Pastor Dave Duell as a spiritual father. 
Pastor Dave Duell

From the moment he got unto the pulpit, there was no dull moment. Dave Duell spent the first few minutes raining praises on the host pastor and at a point in time, dramatically knelt before him. I saw a man of God with pure humility and grace. His preaching was somewhat unusual but he conveyed the message in a unique manner.

On another occasion, he was a guest minister at ASIM where he deliver a message titled; “We are saved by Grace (Ephesians 2:8)”. As expected, he delivered an exceptional sermon and physically went round to touch every member of the congregation on that day. There was so much spiritual presence in the house of God.

I had just produced a special edition of Trendy Africa Magazine featuring the 10th anniversary celebration of the Arise and Shine Ministries and as a special guest; Pastor Dave Duell was prominently featured in the edition. Pastor Dr. (Mrs) Adesuwa Onaiwu, wife of Pastor Nosa Onaiwu deemed it fit to show a copy of the magazine to Dave Duell. At the time, I was on my way to another assignment when my phone suddenly rang out.

Guess who was on the line? It was Pastor Dave Duell who spent more than 5 minutes expressing his opinion about how impressed he was with the quality of the magazine and how much he would love to see it blossom beyond my wildest imagination. I claimed it. It was such a humbling experience to hear the great anointed man of God speak to me on my cell phone.

When Pastor Nosa Onaiwu called to invite me to the memorial service of Late Dave Duell, I was numb for some seconds. A great man who spoke to me just recently with extremely high spirit was gone in a heartbeat. Such is life. His legacy lives on.
Dave and Bonnie Duell

About Dave Duell
Dave grew up on a farm in Kersey, Colorado. The youngest of thirteen children, Dave learned many of life's valuable lessons through hard work and love. His strict father taught him discipline and his gentle mother taught him love. Dave says in his book 'Faith, Believe It or Not', "The training I received growing up on a large farm let me see how God operates through many practical experiences”. 

Two specific incidents influenced Dave in his early years to bring him to where he is today. One event happened when he was twelve years old. He spent a week at a Bible camp in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and heard the testimony of a missionary from the Congo of Africa. That week Dave accepted Jesus into his life and from then on had a heart for missions. The other event happened when he was fifteen years old. One day by a hay bale out in the field, Dave knelt down and asked God for the privilege of being wealthy enough to support five hundred missionaries and this prayer has stayed vivid in his mind and influenced his life to this very day.

Later, when he graduated from high school, he chose to go to North Park Junior College in Chicago, Illinois, to put some distance between himself and the farm chores and to find a wife! God answered his prayers and he met and later married Bonnie McCartney from Chicago, Illinois. He brought her home to live on the ranch in Kersey, Colorado.  God blessed them with three lovely daughters, Tamara, Juli, and Darla. Later they adopted a beautiful little Korean girl and named her Sarah. 

As Dave and Bonnie raised their girls, they taught them the love of Jesus and were very involved in their church. When Dave was thirty-one years old, his desire to know the Holy Spirit personally, began to increase. One night he was invited to a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting in Denver, Colorado. That night he asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the power of God actually came into his life. It was the beginning of many adventures.

In June of 1992, the Holy Spirit spoke to Dave and Bonnie to move to Denver and plant a church. The foundation was laid, a leadership team was assembled, and in February of 1993, Faith Ministries Church International began. He was an anointed with the gift of healing. 

Through supernatural events, Faith Ministries Fellowship began from a Bible study in Greeley, Colorado, in 1978 and grew to be an international church touching over 100 nations. Dave Duell and his Wife Bonnie founded the Faith Ministries Church International, Colorado.

Tosan Aduayi is the founder of Trendy Africa Magazine and writes from Dallas, Texas (+1 903 309 1172)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

“Mentoring Children is my Passion” Deborah Amali

Deborah Amali
To a lot of people, a passion is an activity that is done out of a strong desire or love. To others, it’s more than just that. When your passion leads you to do the extraordinary, then it’s a calling. What do you say to those who sacrifice or let go of their daily income to follow a passion that does not guarantee some sort of wage?

For Deborah Amali, that’s the path she has chosen with children. She started a children’s ministry; Children of the Most High (COTMH) about a year ago with the sole aim of mentoring and helping them grow spiritually. Deborah is also a Psalmist, writer, teacher and youth empowerment speaker. I recently caught up with her during her birthday weekend where she treated some of her mentees to a weekend of fun.

COTMH empowers children and equips them with the word of God through activities such as: Praise/Worship, dance, Drama, Poetry, Bible learning, and Singing. COTMH is pioneering the way to raise dreamers who are passionate about their God-given dreams and talents and ready to be used by God in every aspect of life.  

For more information about her work; visit; or

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Majek Fashek Responds Rapidly to Rehab in Nigeria

There is one major attribute about Nigeria which is; "Family and Friends Support". Fashek was obviously in high spirits as Charly boy and friends visited him in rehab. A statement on Charly Boy’s Facebook fan page reads; “I am glad to be a part of this noble gesture of getting Majek back and better. I want to congratulate all my friends and colleagues, who, out of sympathy and understanding of the problem, helped in one way or the other. I am encouraged by what I have seen so far about his rehab process. “I have been talking with him, and I believe  that this is going to be the final push for him  to get to that state where everyone will see  that vibrant Majek again.’’

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Trip With a USA President

When in 2007 I was privileged (that's what it is, considering the security sweep including background checks one has to go through and of course, one is responsible for all expenses incurred) to be accredited as a member of the media pool accompanying the then President of the United States of America; President George Bush, little did I know that I was also making history. I became the first Nigerian Journalist to be on a USA presidential trip (kindly verify and correct me if need be). The 8-day trip took us to 5 countries in Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Guatemala) amid tight security. The attention to detail that goes into planning and embarking on a trip with a USA President is unprecedented.

Andrews Airforce Base

Arrival Ceremony

Ceremonial guards

Laura Bush in Mexico

Secret Service detail in Brazil

Airforce One

Arrival formalities 
Airforce One

The Beast

Fun in Mexico

Presidential Arrival Ceremony

With Journalists 

Arrival entertainment for Laura Bush 

Side capture

The Land of the VW Beetle

With colleagues 

With colleagues 

Prime Time

Mine is bigger than yours

Slums in Brazil

Press conference

Grubs on your pay

Grubs on your pay

I ferry the presidents rides
Chilling  after a long day

Thanks for Viewing. Bon Voyage

All photos and caption by Tosan Aduayi +1 903 309 1172. The trip was embarked on while with Ovation International Magazine.

50 is the new 30

I've heard the phrase countless of times. Some say 70 is the new 60, others will claim 60 is the new 50 but from what I captured recently, 50 is definitely the new 30. You be the judge.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

VIP guests at the Eko Atlantic Polo fiesta

The maiden edition of the Eko Atlantic Polo games came to a prestigious end recently. As expected, the creme-de-la-creme of society attended in their elements. View some VIP arrivals.

 HRH Oba Rilwan Babatunde Osuolale Aremu Akiolu I (King of Lagos)

Theophilus and Daisy Danjuma

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